There are many sporty vehicles we'd like to see revived. Any given week you might find a couple of ficitonal renderings in our digital halls, depicting something exciting that probably won't ever happen. A modernized Honda S2000 is a bit different, because it must happen soon if it's going to happen at all. We'll explain more in a bit.

First, let's take a closer look at this new project from The Sketch Monkey. We've often featured his work, and we simply can't resist taking a look at something as iconic as the S2000. The changes to the small two-seater are relatively minor, but the end result is something that does indeed look modern. This 2021 version gains smaller headlights, a larger lower grille, scallops in the doors, and larger wheels. And you know what? It works.

Maybe that's because the S2000 isn't terribly old. The last one hit the streets in 2009 and hey, we still have the Dodge Challenger and Nissan GT-R from that era masquerading as new cars. The Nissan Z is basically a modernized 370Z that arrived just as the S2000 departed, and we wouldn't mind one teeny bit if Honda pulled up the old platform, administered a few tweaks, and gave the glove-fitting sports car back to us. If only for a little while.

Honda S2000 Unofficial Rendering

You see, the S2000 was very much an elemental, analog machine. It had a very simple interface with basic controls because its mission wasn't to entertain passengers with apps on a touchscreen. It wasn't designed to conquer all road conditions and all types of terrain in a single bound. It was designed purely for the joy of driving, and it was defined by its high-revving naturally aspirated engine as much as its deft handling. As good as electric cars are, there's no way the S2000's elemental character could translate to the EV world. No. Way.

So Honda, the clock is ticking. We have no doubts you can build a fun, thrilling, electric sports car. But without simple controls and a never-stop-revving four-cylinder under the hood, it can't be an S2000. Before internal combustion is gone, can we have one last dance with this phenomenal machine?

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