New light is being shed on Porsche's upcoming electric and hydrogen vehicle as Autocar has uncovered several patents that suggest the models will be based on a modified version of the MSB platform.

Tentatively known as the eMSB platform, the architecture which feature a number of modifications so it can accommodate both electric and hydrogen powertrains.  The platform will also be stiffer and provide more protection for the battery and hydrogen fuel tanks.

The electric version will reportedly be called the 718 and have at least 420 bhp as well as an electric only range in excess of 265 miles (426 km).  It will reportedly be launched in late 2017 or early 2018 and feature styling similar to the upcoming Pajun (Panamera Junior).  However, we can expect several tweaks including unique fascias as well as a modified instrument cluster.

The hydrogen variant is expected to be launched shortly after the electric model and could adopt the 818 moniker.

While nothing is official both models are expected to use two rear-mounted electric motors with a torque vectoring system.

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