Porsche's Andreas Preuninger has suggested the next-generation of high-performance GT and RS model will focus on being lighter instead of more powerful.

Speaking to Car, Preuninger said "I’m not a believer in this horsepower monster, up, up, up, more, more, more. For my personal tastes, around 500 bhp (372 kW) is enough, because 700-800 bhp (522-596 kW) calls for bigger brakes, sturdier suspension, it gets heavier and heavier logically."

He went on to say a specific horsepower per kilo ratio "makes more sense" than trying to add 50 bhp (37 kW) in every new generation.   However, he conceded that the next-generation of high-performance models will likely have more power than their predecessors as a decrease in power wouldn't sit well with customers.

Preuninger also suggested the next 911 GT3 will have a naturally aspirated engine as well as a manual transmission.  Speaking of the latter, he said "We just want to offer both [manual and PDK transmissions], so everybody should make up his mind and choose."

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