Can you believe the original Honda Civic Type R is over 20 years old already? The EK Civic featured in this video is actually 23 years old, and as you can see, it's definitely seen better days. The front fascia is gone, the fenders are crumpled, the interior is gutted, and it's literally being swallowed by the forest. But, it's an original Type R. Someone needs to save this hot hatch.

Fortunately, someone does. The Mad4Motors YouTube channel chronicles the adventure, and though it looks like a basket case, the road to recovery for this abused Type R doesn't seem that bad. Then again, experts have the tendency of making difficult tasks look easy, and it's pretty clear we're dealing with someone who knows a thing or two about Hondas and is well-versed in auto repair.

Honda Civic
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It all starts with disassembly. The banged-up fenders are pulled, as is the hood and that's when we discover there's no engine in there. Not to worry, the original engine was included with the car, and actually, its initial absence makes the disassembly process easier. After doing some minor welding to address structure damage, the engine bay gets a fresh coat of white – presumably, Championship White as it seems this project isn't just about fixing the old Type R, but returning it to original spec.

As such, the rest of the car needs repainting, or does it? The matte black finish is actually a wrap, and with some elbow grease (and a heat gun) we find the Civic's original color underneath. The engine is checked out and reinstalled, along with new or refurbished parts in the engine bay and front suspension. New carpeting and seats arrive to dress up the interior, while used wheels, headlights, and taillights are sourced to replace the damaged and missing components. Rusty areas along the rocker panels and floor get refinished, and the original white exterior is buffed back to a proper shine.

1998 Honda Civic Type R Restoration Complete

The final assembly sees everything come together, and the result is a glorious Type R that looks showroom fresh. Not bad for 23 minutes, though you know this restoration is actually the product of hours upon hours of hard work and dedication. As we mentioned previously, the video makes this project look easy but in reality, there's nothing easy about resurrecting a car as neglected as this was.

And just like that, another iconic performance car is back on the road. Well done, indeed.

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