Although based on Fit/Jazz platform, new compact sedan will present a body of its own.

Hatchback-based sedans do not usually seem to have a balanced design. Normally, the luggage compartment looks as something that does not really belong to the car. In order to avoid that, Honda has made a completely new body for the upcoming Aria, also known as City in some countries. The new compact sedan, based on Honda Fit/Jazz, has been spotted in India by Arjun Warty, from the Indian car forum Team-BHP.

The car has also already been shown by Autocar in renderings that have proven to be very accurate. Besides India and China, the new sedan will also be built in a new factory in Argentina, from where it will be exported to most of Latin America countries, especially Brazil.

Aria/City will use the same engines used for Fit/Jazz, or else, a 1.3-litre generating 100 bhp and a 1.5-litre pumping out 120 bhp. Considering it looks a lot like a Civic, and it will be cheaper than its older brother, the new compact sedan will almost certainly face a lot of success. And Honda will have to be prepared for the demand.

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