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Say you have a dear friend who owns a Tesla and you're struggling to find a gift for that person because let's face it, gift shopping isn't everyone's strength. If you're currently in the aforementioned situation, we might have found the perfect gift – but you would need to spend a bit on this.

Caviar, a brand of exclusive designer smartphones and accessories, releases an iPhone 13 that's decorated with things Tesla fans would love. Called the Tesla Electro, Caviar said that the body of the customized smartphone is made of high-impact titanium with a black PVD coating. The coating is used in watch-making for black metal timepieces.

Gallery: Caviar Tesla Electro Custom iPhone 13 Pro

In contrast to the black parts, Caviar uses a composite shock-resistant white material to reflect the design execution in Tesla vehicles. The metallic insert in the middle is said to be made out of a real Tesla Model 3 body, melted and remolded to what you see on the smartphone above. The reused Tesla panel is engraved with the Tesla emblem, outlines of Tesla models, and, get this, a portrait of Elon Musk himself.

The Caviar Tesla Electro isn't just a phone case, mind you. The company infuses the design to the body of the phone, which makes the creation even more exclusive. The whole box comes with the phone itself, available for both iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max in various storage sizes. The customized Apple smartphones are limited to exactly 99 copies.

The Tesla Electro is only part of Caviar's collection that honors Elon Musk. The collection includes five other customized iPhones, two custom Nike Air Force 1s, 24-karat gold embellishments for a Tesla Model S, and a limited-edition bust of Musk – also made out of melted Tesla Model 3 parts with gold inscription.

The Caviar Tesla Electro iPhone 13 Pro starts at $6,760, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $7,300. The bust of Musk sells for $3,220, if you're interested, limited to 27 units only.

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