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For those outside South Korea, the idea of a luxury Hyundai is relatively new. That said, the launch of the Genesis brand firmly placed the Hyundai Motor Group in the luxury car market. With products such as the G70 Shooting Brake to the GV80, it's also given the establishment a bit of a scare, too

But in its home market, Hyundai has made several (relatively) large sedans aimed at VIPs and corporate bigwigs. Some of these included the Grandeur, Dynasty, and the Equus that was briefly sold in the US. If you have the time to take a look at those, you can say Hyundai have come a long way in their definition of luxury with the current Genesis line-up.

That said, there is one more step for Genesis to take to round up their line-up. With electric crossovers ready, all it needs now is an extended wheelbase version of its flagship sedan. In the case of Genesis, it would be something like a G90 L of sorts. Unfortunately for those who want an ultra-streched luxury limousine from the brand, it's not available.

At least there are those who can re-imagine and render a long-wheelbase version of the G90. And given that the next-generation has been spied as well, stretching the upcoming sedan yielded interesting results. If anything, it might even be worth it for Hyundai to add several inches between the wheels.

The render was done by South Korean Youtube auto channel, Gotcha Cars. Per the channel, they expect it to have a similar design to the G80. That means it's more than likely we'll see the split headlight and tail light look, along with rakish front and rear windshields. Since the G90 aims for Germany's largest flagship sedans, they also rendered in a way that it's inspired by a certain megabuck limo from Sindelfingen.

Should Genesis push through with an extended version of the next-gen G90, it will be the first Hyundai-made stretch sedan in over a decade. The last one they made was over a decade ago with the Equus Limousine. Given the success of the Mercedes-Maybach line, perhaps Genesis should consider an ultra-lux version of their largest sedan.

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