Idea Bank from Poland has transformed a quartet of BMW i3s into mobile automated teller machines.

There's no denying the massive technology advancements are making our lives a lot easier and the latest example is quite interesting as Poland's Idea Bank had the bright idea of fitting four BMW i3 electric vehicles with built-in ATMs. Clients can actually "hire" these cars by using the IdeaBank Money Collection app developed by iTaxi for iOS and Android platforms.

Moreover, entrepreneurs have the possibility of booking the car in advance at a desired time and location and they are also able to check out the i3's current position on a map. Think of this as a home delivery service but instead of getting a pizza, you obtain access to an ATM to withdraw and/or deposit money.

According to Idea Bank's board member Dominik Fajbusiewicz, the first vehicle is now operable on the streets of Warsaw and if it will turn out to be a success, the service will be extended to other cities across Poland.

Gallery: BMW i3 transformed into mobile ATM for Idea Bank clients in Poland

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