Skoda has taken the wraps off the FUNstar, a pickup truck concept based on the third generation Fabia.

Skoda's apprentices are at it again as after last year's Citigo cabrio concept billed CitiJet they have returned with a pickup conversion for the new Fabia supermini. Set to remain a one-off, the FUNstar is heading to next month's Worthersee with 18-inch wheels and a 1.2 TSI engine teamed up with a 7-speed DSG. Initially, the apprentices wanted to squeeze in the 1.8 TSI motor but it was just too big to fit inside the engine bay.

The neon green accents on the alloys can also be seen on the mirror caps, side skirts, front grille surround, LED daytime running lights and also on the lower portions of the bumpers while the neons installed underneath the car remind us of the golden days of NFS. The FUNstar also benefits from a dual-vented hood, LED projectors displaying the company logo while the rear doors were chopped off to make room for the pickup bed made from stainless steel metal. It benefits from a frameless body with reinforcements on the sides as well as a widened B pillar which was necessary to handle the transformation from a hatchback to a pickup truck.

Stepping inside the two-seater cabin, it's fairly standard but has received a 1,400-watt sound system which includes a powerful 200-watt subwoofer. It also boasts a three-spoke, flat-bottomed steering wheel wrapped in leather, a touchscreen infotainment system with support for smartphone connectivity, along with neon green accents and other minor tweaks.

Gallery: Skoda FUNstar is a Fabia pickup concept heading to Worthersee

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