The 2022 Honda Civic Si sounds really promising. In the US, it's got a manual gearbox, a revised powertrain, and an overall more performance-oriented feature-set – at least before the red-badged Civic Type R arrives.

That's all well and good until you see what's on offer beyond northern borders. Youtuber HondaPro Jason shows what's included in the Civic Si when bought in Canada. The differences are highlighted in the video but more importantly, all the things that American buyers will be missing in their purchase within the US. And frankly, there's a lot.

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On the outside alone, the Canadian Honda Civic Si comes with fog lights. It also has parking sensors at the front and at the back, while the LED turn signals are already integrated on the side mirrors. Of note, the US version has only one advantage over the Canadian Civic Si, and that's the availability of the $200 High Performance Tires (HPT) upgrade, which isn't available north of the border.

Inside, the baffling changes continue as the Canadian Civic Si comes standard with a 10.2-inch TFT display for the instrument that changes depending on the drive modes. It also has shift lights, while the cabin gets heated seats, front and back, and a heated steering wheel.

Climate control's also dual-zone for the Canadian Civic Si, while the rearview mirror is auto-dimming and integrated with a home link for garage door integration. There's a wireless smartphone charger, finishing the list of specs that the US Civic Si doesn't have.

This is fine since not all of these features are coveted ones for the US market – until you learn that the Canadian Civic Si is actually cheaper than the US counterpart. 

Of note, the Civic Si in Canada starts at CAD $33,150, which is around $26,180 with the current exchange rates. The US version, with all the missing features, starts at $27,300.

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