A brand new Dodge Viper is available in China for the staggering sum of 2.98 million yuan (about $479,000).

The Dodge Viper isn't officially available in China, but there's one on the grey market in Beijing which costs the equivalent of $479,000. The price difference is ridiculous taking into consideration a standard Viper in United States kicks off at $87,095. The huge gap between the two price tags has to do not only with the seller's markup, but also because of high taxes for cars with engines that have a displacement of over four liters.

According to Car News China, those who are selling the car are saying the Viper can be legally registered, licensed and insured in China. They already sold three cars (price not specified) bought from dealers in California and others are set to arrive in the near future to meet demand, despite the outrageous price.

As a final note, on the top photo you will also notice a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray which is also for sale at 1.73 million yuan (about $278,000).

2015 Dodge Viper available in China for a hefty $479,000