The latest Ferrari isn't the most powerful ever, nor is it festooned with complex active aerodynamics. Heck, with 599 planned for production, it's merely ultra-exclusive as opposed to unobtainable. Actually, it is unobtainable, unless you're one of the 599 who already signed on the dotted line. But Ferrari still wants the world to dream about the new Daytona SP3, and thanks to this official Daytona online configurator, we will.

Yes, you can build the Daytona SP3 you'll never own. And after spending some time in the configurator's cool 3D mode, we're insanely jealous of those getting one. There aren't a gazillion options like you find at Porsche, as we suspect Ferrari already injects the limited-run Daytona SP3 with all the stuff buyers want. As such, the configurator doesn't really list options as much as it does choices. Choices for exterior and interior colors. Choices for materials and stitching. Choices for wheel finishes, with emphasis on finishes because all Daytonas get the same style wheel.

There are a handful of options available. Curiously, selecting Apple CarPlay is one of them. Yes, an item that's standard-issue on a sub $20,000 econobox is optional on this million-dollar machine. To be fair, we don't know if Ferrari charges extra for it, as the configurator is completely devoid of pricing. Not that money matters at this level, which is good because front/rear cameras and a front lift system are also listed as options.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Configurator

So what does our preferred Daytona SP3 look like? We're traditionalists here at, so it wears a proper shade of Rosso Corsa with the optional double-color over-the-top stripe in black and blue. All the exterior carbon-fiber bits receive a matte finish, and we prefer the 20-inch forged diamond wheels with Rosso Corsa brake calipers behind them. Moving inside, we combine Nero with Alcantara Rosso FX and blue contrast stitching. You can't not check the box for Ferrari's Prancing Horse stitched to the headrests (in yellow, of course), and you bet your bottom we want the cameras, front-lift, and Apple CarPlay.

Gallery: Ferrari Daytona SP3

The Daytona SP3 is the latest in Ferrari's special Icona lineup, and it's stunning in pretty much any configuration. Its 6.5-liter V12 cranks out 828 horsepower (617 kilowatts) with a 9,500-rpm redline, and we can't help feeling a little bittersweet about the whole thing. Without active aero, or hybrid systems, or even turbochargers, how many more Ferraris will we see like this before the age of electricity consumes internal-combustion power?

Our Rosso Corsa SP3 looks fab in red, but maybe we'll jump back in for another go. And another, and another ... .

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