Theophilus Chin has decided to share his vision of a van wearing the Volvo badge and using the company's newest design language.

By combining the looks of the second generation XC90 with some styling cues of the Volkswagen Sharan, TC came up with a couple of renders for a hypothetical Swedish MPV which as far as we know it's not on the agenda, at least not in the foreseeable future. With sales of crossovers and SUVs flourishing, Volvo probably considers the market of people carriers is not large enough to justify development costs.

In addition, the Geely-owned company has a lot on its plate right now as they plan to entirely overhaul the lineup in the next years. It has already started with the new XC90 which will be followed by the S90 set to replace the aging S80. They are also working on an all-new XC60 and the company has already announced plans for a new V40 planned for 2016 followed two years later by a crossover version likely to wear the XC40 name.

Before the XC40 comes out, Volvo will launch the next generation of the S60 and V60 in 2017 while further down the line there's going to be a V90 wagon based on the S90 and with styling influenced by the stunning Concept Estate.

Gallery: Volvo MPV renders show stylish people carrier

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