The BMW 5-series is set to be replaced in 2023 but a new version of BMW’s classic executive sedan. In addition to the usual new BMW 5-Series, BMW will also introduce a brand-new electric version of the 5-series called the i5. In addition to a normal sedan body style, the BMW i5 will also come in a beautiful wagon version called the BMW i5 Touring. So, what can we expect from the upcoming BMW i5 EV wagon?

The upcoming G60 generation BMW 5-series will replace the current G30 which has been with us since 2016. This new generation BMW 5-series will help bring BMW forward into a more electric world while keeping with the successful BMW 5-series formula for more traditional BMW customers. Based on the current setup of the BMW 4-series and BMW i4, BMW has found a way to make their current product portfolio play nicely with the new lineup of i products.

The current BMW 4-series lineup is exclusively focused on internal combustion-only products. Everything from the entry-level BMW 430i to the BMW M4 uses traditional internal combustion setups. This makes way for the electric BMW i4, which is based on the BMW 4-series Gran Coupe body style. The electric i4 comes in two flavors, the pedestrian i4 eDrive40, and the performance-oriented i4 M50.

The upcoming BMW i5 will expand upon BMW’s current EV lineup and introduce larger family cars like the i5 sedan and i5 Touring wagon. This will allow EV shoppers to purchase a BMW with electric power and room for the whole family. Expect to see the BMW i5 and i5 touring debut shortly after the new G60 5-series and bring the BMW 5-series into the future of EV propulsion.

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