All indications point to the new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 being an incredible vehicle that can hang with or beat all but the hyperest of hypercars. Moreover, it will do that at a price point considerably lower than the competition, but how much lower are we talking? Officially, we don't know – Chevrolet hasn't offered any insight into C8 Z06 pricing. And we likely won't have that info for some time yet.

As such, rumors are flying like crazy and this particular claim from the YouTube channel HorsePower Obsessed caught our attention for a couple of reasons. The video cites two completely separate Chevrolet dealerships reporting the same starting price of $87,000. That's a very clean number, so it probably translates to something like $86,995 or $87,195. But the takeaway is that this screaming 670-horsepower supercar will start under $90,000, and while that's not cheap, it's still less than half the cost of anything remotely comparable.

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That is, it will allegedly cost that much. The video keeps these claimed dealership sources completely anonymous, so there's absolutely no way to fact-check this YouTuber. However, we can confirm that an $87,000 starting price mirrors the price gap between the previous-generation C7 Stingray and Z06 models. That's the second reason this caught our attention, as it does lend some credence to the claim.

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Of course, that's far from a smoking gun and there are many factors that could see the Stingray - Z06 price gap widen considerably for the eighth generation. Among other things, the new Z06 wields a completely different engine from the Stingray, versus the shared LT pushrod family used for the C7. That alone could warrant a significant price difference, and there's also the matter of inflation.

Lastly – and this is pure speculation on our part – we doubt Chevrolet has settled on a Z06 starting price yet. The car won't go on sale until later in 2022, so any information received by dealers would likely be rumors from the automaker. Traditionally speaking, rumors based on rumors aren't always reliable.

There is at least some supporting evidence for this rumor being accurate. But at this early stage, take it all with a grain of salt.

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