Here's a wild idea for a rendering. Abimelec Design takes a 1969 Ford Mustang and digitally modifies the classic car as a pre-runner for soaking up bumps when speeding off-road. The resulting machine looks like a lot of fun.

Historically, a pre-runner was a truck (or sometimes SUV) that a racer would use to preview an off-road course by learning the terrain.

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In front, Abimelec opens up the lights in the grille to feed more cool air into the engine bay. The wider fenders are one of the more notable changes that the designer adds to this Mustang. The extended sides make room for adding big, knobby tires for getting grip off-road. The ride height is also higher.

The rear fenders are also quite a bit wider. Openings in the frontal portion would direct air to keep the brakes cool. The window louvers are a nice touch, and a small wing attaches to the rear deck.

There's only a glimpse inside the vehicle. The door panels are bright red, and the rest of the cabin appears to be black. The seats appear stock and don't have headrests. This setup doesn't seem ideal if a hypothetical driver is going to be bouncing around off-road.

The goal for this design is to blend the look of a show car with some of the personality of Mad Max. Overall, the resulting rendering does a good job of balancing these renderings.

Under the hood, Abimelec installs the Predator V8 from the Shelby GT500. With a rating of 760 horsepower (567 kilowatts), the mill should offer plenty of performance.

Abimelec doesn't offer any drivetrain specs. For off-road work, it would be cool to add a four-wheel-drive system and maybe even a low-range transfer case. We also can't see the suspension, but a setup with long-travel shocks would be ideal.

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