The BMW iX configurator is now live which means it's time to build the most expensive version you can. BMW’s new electric SUV is an exciting new dawn for the BMW brand, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave traditions behind. Instead of building a sensible SUV, get on the configurator and build the most expensive version you can as BMW intended. Our BMW iX build topped out at $106,675 thanks to the below combination of every good option available, can you beat us?

The BMW iX starts at xDrive50 starts at $83,200 for the very base trim. We added on the Sport package which adds $2,800 for the addition of Shadowline exterior trim, 21” wheels, and dark clear taillights. Next, we enter the world of exterior color, BMW offers six standard colors and two optional colors that set customers back $1,950. We chose the superb Aventurin Red Metallic to give the exterior to iX more presence and excitement.

With the iX Sport pack, you can choose from six different standard wheels and four optional wheels. We opted for the 22” Aero Bi-Color wheels for a cool $950 worth of additional cost. In the BMW iX customer are offered three different colors of synthetic leather known as Sensatec in BMW speak, there’s also a cloth option for an additional $500. We choose to go for full perforated leather Castenea Chestnut for a wallet squeezing $2,450. When it comes to trim we had no choice and went with the standard Titanium Bronze.

Options are where you can really balloon the price of the BMW iX. We chose the Premium option package that includes: Heads up display, BMW gesture and voice control, interior camera, iconic sounds electric, personal 5G hotspot, multi-function front seats, park assist plus, and 3D camera. All of this for only $4,000 seems like a great deal to us. Premium Harmon Kardon sound is also included, but BMW gives you the option to upgrade to a Bowers and Wilkens system for an additional $3,400. We included other options like the dynamic handling package, luxury trim package, radiant heat package, ventilated seats, and of course BMW laser headlights to finish the build off.

How would you spec your BWM iX? Do you like all of these optional extras, or would you prefer to save over $20,000 and choose the base model iX?

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