Are you looking to add some additional personality to your new 2022 Civic Si? Well, Honda has you covered thanks to this leaked accessory pricing sheet from the Civic XI forum. Based on this leaked document, we know what it will cost to get the factory Honda Civic Si of your dreams. All you need to do is call up your local Honda dealership and place an order once this is officially confirmed by Honda.

When it comes to accessories, Honda is offering a select list of items for the Civic Si. The usual floor mats and splash guards are present, but let’s talk about the more interesting stuff. First, customers who want 18” black alloy wheels will need to muster up $1927.84. If you’re a fan of more aggressive styling, Honda has you covered.

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You can opt for the complete package called the HPD Kit that includes the front underbody spoiler, rear underbody spoiler, HPD emblem, and finally side underbody spoiler for a total of $1514.90 which seems like great value for your money. Each item in this package is also offered as a separate option if you don’t like the complete look of add-on items.

The upcoming 2022 Civic Si is an evolution of the previous 10th generation Civic Si which debuted turbocharged power for the Civic Si. The 11th generation Civic Si uses a similar 1.5-liter turbocharged engine however, Honda took a unique approach to its tuning. Instead of adding more power like every other next-generation performance car, Honda choose to cut power figures in the name of improved drivability.

This makes the 11th generation Civic Si a very intriguing driver's car. It’s clear that Honda isn’t chasing sales with headline-grabbing figures, and instead is focused on giving the customer a refined driving experience. 

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