These fresh spy shots of the refreshed Porsche Cayenne show the updated crossover with its production-spec taillights. There is some covering over the lamps, but enough is visible for us to get a good idea of what they look like.

The Porsche engineers use cladding and tape to cover up the changes to the front end. There's lots of extra material on the lower fascia that makes it hard to discern the production-spec parts. Covering over the headlights makes them appear larger than they actually are.

Gallery: Porsche Cayenne Refresh Spy Shots

At the back, the development team covers each side of the taillights with tape. There's red material with holes in it adhering to the center section that exposes some of the production-ready design underneath. The brake lights appear to be larger on the refreshed Cayenne because their lamps extend nearly to the middle of the hatchback.

Earlier photos offer a look inside the refreshed crossover. The updated Cayenne has a new infotainment screen and very few physical controls. The center console also receives a new look, including a gearshift with a minimalist design like the one in the latest 911.

Powertrain changes for the updated Cayenne aren't clear at this time. We aren't expecting anything significant, but Porsche often slightly bumps the power outputs for the various powertrains when updating a model.

If you prefer the sleeker styling of the Cayenne Coupe, there's a refresh coming for it, too. Like the boxier variant, the changes amount to small tweaks rather than a design overhaul.

A debut date for the refreshed Cayenne range isn't yet clear. However, the improved models should be available in showrooms at some time in 2022.

Gallery: Updated Porsche Cayenne Renderings

The gallery of renderings (above) takes what we know about the updated Cayenne and attempts to strip off the camouflage to provide a better idea of what's coming. The changes are minor but keep the premium crossover looking fresh.

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