Automakers are still struggling to meet demand alongside the ongoing chip shortage, though cars continue to fly from showroom floors. The latest study dives into the US’s October sales data to see which make and model was the fastest-selling car for the month, discovering it’s a Kia at the top of the list.

The winner is the subcompact Kia Seltos, the relatively new addition to the brand’s lineup, which arrived for the first time for the 2021 model year. According to the study, it took Kia dealers just 7.7 days to get the crossover to a new owner. That’s a smidge quicker than September’s leader, which saw the Subaru Crosstrek sit on lots for just 7.8 days. The Crosstrek is still on the list, though it has fallen significantly to number 10, sitting on dealer lots for 11.5 days on average.

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The second fastest-selling car in October was the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, which took an average of 7.9 days to sell. The Honda CR-V takes third, needing 9.0 days to find an owner. The Toyota Sienna (9.4 days), Kia Telluride (9.8 days), Mercedes GLS (9.9 days), Honda CR-V Hybrid (10.6 days), Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (10.8), Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (11.4 days), and Subaru Crosstrek round out the top 10. 

The study, which analyzed over 250,000 new and used cars sold last month, discovered new cars were staying on dealer lots a bit longer than in September. Last month, the average new car took 31.7 days to sell, which is quite the jump from 24.6 days in September.

The industry is still in flux, reeling from the coronavirus pandemic disruptions and the ongoing chip shortage. However, it does appear the industry is beginning to stabilize, even if the chip shortage extends into 2022 or beyond. Elevated car prices might have also deterred potential buyers as dealers have a limited inventory and plenty of demand.

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