Ford has announced plans to introduce a variety of GT-inspired products at the Salone del Mobil.

Designed to showcase the "innovation and creativity of its global design studios," the items include everything from a guitar to a foosball table.

Ford didn't have much to say about the products themselves but noted the interior design philosophy of their upcoming supercar can be applied to a range of non-automotive items.

Besides the GT-inspired products, Ford has teamed up with Attilio Stocchi and Federlegno Arredo Eventi to create an exhibit called "FAVILLA, Every Light a Voice."  Ford says it's a unique installation that unfolds inside two large boxes. "The first examines the science of light amid a dazzling, reflective show – much like the interior of a geode. The second box is curated by Ford’s in-house animation studio to offer visitors a unique, engaging product experience that showcases how Ford design shapes both form and function."

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