Is there a future for the Porsche Panamera beyond its current generation? With sales of the brand’s original four-door sedan lagging as consumers gobble up the similarly shaped, all-electric Star Award-winning Taycan – which through October had outsold every other vehicle in the lineup sans Macan and Cayenne – it’s a fair question. But in the here and now, Porsche is making, of all things, a value play with the 2022 Panamera Platinum Edition.

Of course, Porsche doesn’t explicitly say “value.” That’s a four-letter word for the high-performance vehicle manufacturer. But a quick look at what the Platinum Edition adds to the Panamera, Panamera 4, and Panamera 4 E-Hybrid (the three most affordable members of the family) makes seeing any other impression tricky. We’ve attached the standard prices to each item’s description, to give you an idea of just how much the Platinum Edition saves owners.

2022 Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition

Every model comes standard with 21-inch Exclusive Design Sport wheels finished in Satin Platinum paint. Getting the same alloys on a base Panamera will cost $5,500. The palette of no-cost color options swells from two (White and Black) to 13, covering both gloss and metallic shades. A series of Special paint colors remain available for a $3,270 premium. Also on the exterior, you’ll find Matrix LED headlights with Porsche Dynamic Lighting and automatic high beams as standard, saving $1,980.

Open any of the four doors and then shut them again to experience the standard soft-close system (normally $740). Open them one more time and peek inside to see the Platinum Edition door sills and the Porsche crest embossed on the headrests ($570). The interior trim is black brushed aluminum ($1,000), while 14-way seats ($1,740) with heating and ventilation are standard up front – backseat passengers do without the butt chillers or the wide-ranging adjustability ($1,390, all together).

Gallery: 2022 Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition

Porsche opted to leave the powertrain alone, but it is including an air suspension with adaptive dampers. This is a standard item on the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, but there’s a $2,190 premium on the base and 4 models. Blind-spot monitoring ($1,060) is standard on all three Platinum Edition variants, as is Power Steering Plus ($310) for better low-speed maneuverability.

The Panamera Platinum Edition starts at $103,250 for the base model, $107,350 for the Panamera 4, and $116,550 for the E-Hybrid variant. Getting all the same equipment on a base Panamera would cost $107,110, while the 4 would be $111,710 and the E-Hybrid would require $121,520. In effect, Porsche is giving Panamera, Panamera 4, and Panamera 4 E-Hybrid customers a roughly $4,000 to $5,000 discount on some very popular pieces of tech and aesthetic options.

  Panamera Platinum Edition Starting Price Panamera Price w/Platinum Edition Options
Panamera: $103,250 $107,110
Panamera 4: $107,350 $111,710
Panamera 4 E-Hybrid: $116,550 $121,520

Porsche will start delivering examples of this new trim in the Spring of 2022, so if you’re one of the few folks still considering a Panamera and are itching to save some cash, get to your local dealer ASAP.

Gallery: 2022 Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition

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