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The winds are changing over at Dodge. As part of new-owner Stellantis's global electrification push, the company announced its first electric muscle car back in July, with a retro design and a totally new performance logo. Today, Dodge is rolling out its cheekily named “Never Lift” business plan, which includes a number of new undertakings scheduled to debut as early as this year.

The first and definitely silliest piece of news is the announcement that Dodge is hiring a “Chief Donut Maker” – like car donuts, not the snack. The Chief Donut Maker will act as an ambassador to Dodge's Brotherhood Of Muscle, with perks including a free Hellcat model to drive, a new wardrobe (which, we can only imagine...), a $150,000 annual salary, and most importantly, a business card with the official title.

But the most important piece of news is the official return of the brand’s Direct Connection performance arm – which Dodge previewed with the Challenger Drag Pak in 2019. As this nameplate has in the past, Direct Connection will give customers the ability to add upgrades to their vehicles straight from the factory. The "Tuner" and "Stage" kits will be the first rollouts, and promise tweaks to the engine, suspension, and more.

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Dodge hasn’t released full details on these upgrades and what they entail, but the company did say that those features will be limited to the Challenger for the time being. Expect these factory options to begin hitting dealerships on December 15, 2021.

Beyond that, Dodge also announced that the company is introducing a new program called Dodge Power Brokers. Dodge Power Brokers will essentially be a network of dealerships with a staff that's better-trained for the performance-oriented customer. Only certain dealerships within the US will be eligible for the upgrade, and it will include perks like high-performance parts installation and the ability to compete in motorsports.

“Every Dodge dealer in the country will continue to prove an outstanding sales and service experience,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge CEO. “But Dodge Power Brokers dealers will offer everything an enthusiast needs to reach the next level of performance.”

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