Despite being the longest-ever production series of Ferrari, the 365 GT4 2+2 and its succeeding derivatives are a rare sight in the US. The Italian automaker never officially imported the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer into the US market. That, however, didn't stop gray market importers to bring over the three-box vehicle across the pond.

Out of the few Ferrari 400i units that made it stateside, one example made it to the Orange County Ferrari collection and was there for 11 years. It wasn't preserved in its original condition, though; it was converted into a limousine and recently sold in an auction for $20,000 at Garage Dream Auctions.

Gallery: 1981 Ferrari 400i Limousine

Needless to say, this Pininfarina-designed Ferrari 400i received an extensive body refurbishment including removal of all rust and the re-welding of all limousine structural components. It was taken down to bare metal and repainted, while the vinyl top was replaced by a black canvas top. The limo was also given a set of custom wheels and tires.

Inside, the Ferrari 400i limo was given new leather upholstery, along with stitched Cavallino headrests. Judging by the images provided, the interior looks great. There are even drop-down video screens added because what's a limo without some in-cabin entertainment, right?

This stretched Ferrari 400i is powered by a fuel-injected 4.8-liter 12-cylinder engine that makes 340 horsepower. Coming with a clean Colorado title with no history of accidents, the listing said that the exterior is spotless. Obviously, this limo hasn't hit the road often as it only has less than 15,000 miles on the clock.

If you find this limo conversion weird, some do find it cool (as the author did). And one person certainly finds it worth $20,000.

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