Will Stevens is hoping 'third time's a charm' in China.

After Manor stayed in the pits in Australia, teammate Roberto Merhi got up and running in Malaysia but British rookie Stevens could not qualify or race due to technical problems.

But the 23-year-old Briton, who actually made his grand prix debut for Caterham in the 2014 finale, says the resurrected Manor team should now be ready to push him to his grid hatching in Shanghai.

"Coming here we're in a much better position again and I'd like to think I'll be racing," he told reporters in China.

"So third time lucky and I hope this weekend will be good."

Stevens said he has kept his composure to date because he already knew the early races would be tough for the struggling backmarker, who mere months ago were locked in administration.

"I'm part of the team and I need to understand everything that is going on. As I do, it makes problems easier to get through," he insisted.

"It's great the team are here (in F1) and I understand the effort that has gone into that.

"We're as sure as we can be that this weekend we should be running smoothly," said Stevens.