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The 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is wrapping up as we type this article. Plenty of attention falls on custom cars, but there's absolutely no doubt that crazy-cool off-road projects were a major part of this year's event. Overlanding has gained immense popularity in recent years and it certainly shows through the plethora of overland builds from both automakers and independent shops.

With a little help from the folks at Kahn Media, we nosed around to uncover some of the more memorable overlanding vehicles that graced Las Vegas this year. You've already seen a couple of these projects, but we suspect you'll find the others very interesting – especially if you're a fan of the classics.

Toyota Tacoma "Tacozilla"

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Overlanding Camper

Easily the coolest manufacturer-made overlanding project in Las Vegas, Tacozilla is a truck we've already covered but we can't not mention it here as one of the best from the show. Full kitchen, bathroom, comfortable sleeping arrangements, but alas, it's just a one-off concept.

Toyota Land Cruiser Banderiante FJ-45 Crew Cab

Toyota Land Cruiser Bandeirante FJ-45 Crew Cab SEMA 2021

Old FJ-45s always get love, but when it's a rare the Bandeirante crew cab, we have to take a second look. This one is a relatively mild overlanding build with upgraded suspension and 35-inch tires to help it along. A bed rack with a roof top tent is standard-issue overlanding gear, but the off-road trailer adds a bit more capability to this unique machine.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-75 Troopy

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-75 Troopy SEMA 2021

There's more classic Land Cruiser love with this FJ-75, only it's not carrying a roof top tent. It also rides on a modified suspension and tire combo similar to the FJ-45, but it boasts a pop-top conversion that creates enough room to stand up in the back. It's compact, classic, and ready for essential off-grid fun.

Toyota 4Runner By Overland Expo

Toyota 4Runner SEMA 2021

Toyota certainly takes the crown for overlanding projects on our list, and this 4Runner stands out for a couple of reasons. Upgraded suspension with 33-inch tires helps clear obstacles, and frankly anything facing that massive front bumper would run for its life. Sleeping arrangements are courtesy of a roof top tent, but the coolest part is that you can buy this rig through BringATrailer, and the proceeds go to charity.

EarthRoamer LTi

EarthRoamer LTi SEMA 2021

EarthRoamers are always impressive, but the latest model somehow makes the previous iterations look small. That custom camper behind the cab is vacuum-formed carbon fiber, cutting 1,500 pounds compared to earlier models. It also boasts 1,320 watts of solar, an 11,000-hour lithium-ion battery system, 100 gallons of fresh water, and it carries 95 gallons of diesel fuel. Extended off-grid vacations in remote wonderlands never looked so good.

Ford F-150 Raptor Prelander

Ford F-150 Raptor Prelander SEMA 2021

It's easy to throw a bed rack and a tent on a Raptor, give it some lights and call it done. This Prelander build from Instagrammer Tacodust swaps in upgraded long-travel suspension to improve the truck's already impressive high-speed off-road mojo. Just don't go too fast, lest you upset the cold drinks in the bed-mounted refrigerator.

Lance Camper Enduro "Adventure Pass" Overland Camper With VW Atlas

Lance Enduro Overland Camper Adventure Pass SEMA 2021

We saw this cool overlanding trailer from Lance Camper a couple of days ago, but it definitely earns an encore in this list. Technically a prototype, this compact trailer can sleep six while also giving them a full bathroom and an outdoor kitchen. To hammer home its easy-to-tow nature, Lance Camper created a beefy Volkswagen Atlas tow vehicle to show it doesn't take a big truck to have some big adventure.

1964 Jeep M677

1964 Jeep M677 SEMA 2021

Did we save the best for last? This is an exceptionally rare Jeep originally built for the US military, with only 500 built. As such, most of the modifications on this rig were custom-made, including staples like the leaf springs. It rides on 37-inch tires, and you'll find a 5.7-liter Chevrolet V8 engine sending power to the ground. There might be a tent on the back, but we'd sleep on the ground just so we could wake up and see this rig first thing in the morning.

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