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It’s been over three years since Ferrari originally announced it was developing an SUV. The company dished out many details about the new model then, but there’s still a bunch we won’t know until its official debut sometime next year. Until then, we’ll have to scrutinize spy photos and videos, and we just so happen to have a new one from the Varyxx YouTube channel that captures the Purosangue and its interesting exhaust note.

Ferrari hasn’t gotten too specific when discussing the Purosangue’s powertrains, though we do know the new model can accommodate several different types of propulsion systems. We hope Ferrari slips a naturally aspirated V12 under the hood, which seems inevitable, though there could be several different options available. The new spy video doesn’t show us anything new, but it does capture something else – the lack of a robust exhaust note.

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The video has other traffic adding to the ambient noise, but the Ferrari is eerily quiet as it passes the camera. Previous spy videos have captured a robust V12 exhaust note bellowing from the car, though this test vehicle could have the plug-in hybrid V6 powertrain from the 296 GTB powering it. In that model, the twin-turbo V6 and electric motor produce a stout 818 horsepower (610 kilowatts) and 546 pound-feet (740 Newton-meters) of torque, which would be plenty for the Purosangue people mover. 

We’ll likely have to wait for the mode’s full debut to get all the powertrain details – unless something leaks – though it sounds like there will be at least two options. Ferrari boasted that the Purosangue’s mid-engine architecture would be flexible, which makes pinning down the details much harder to do. Ferrari adding a five-door SUV to its lineup feels sacrilegious to many, though there’s little doubt that the model will live up to the company’s performance pedigree, hybrid or not.

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