After an initial announcement in July this year, Bugatti and Rimac have just released more details about the new Bugatti Rimac joint company. Dubbed as “one of the motoring world’s most exciting cooperation projects,” the newly founded automaker will be based in the city of Sveta Nedelja, near the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Mate Rimac, the founder, CEO, and ideologist of Rimac Automobili, is the CEO of the Bugatti Rimac with Oliver Blume, chairman of Porsche, and Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman and CFO, also joining the supervisory board.

Following the foundation of the new company, Stephan Winkelmann, who has been the President of Bugatti since January 1, 2018, will move to the exclusive role of CEO of Lamborghini and will focus on his work for the Italian brand. Christophe Piochon will be promoted from his role as a Managing Director of Production and Logistics at Bugatti to become the marque’s new president. He will also join Mate Rimac at Bugatti Rimac as a COO.

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“I feel very honored to lead this new joint company as CEO and, no doubt, start a successful, revolutionary and exciting new chapter for everyone involved. I am very excited to see what impact Bugatti Rimac will have on the industry and how we will develop innovative new hyper sports cars and technologies. It’s hard to find a better combination for new and exciting projects,” Mate Rimac commented.

Porsche owns 45 percent of Bugatti Rimac and will enter the joint company as a strategic partner. Rimac has the controlling 55-percent stake in the manufacturer, and both Rimac and Bugatti will continue to operate as independent brands with production in Zagreb and Molsheim, respectively. For now, Bugatti Rimac will be headquartered in Sveta Nedelja near Zagreb, but will eventually move to the new Rimac campus which is currently under construction. 

Bugatti, meanwhile, will continue to assemble its cars in Molsheim where all 135 employees will retain their jobs in the long term. The Bugatti Rimac joint venture will begin its operations with approximately 435 employees, with 300 of them being based in Croatia. No details about potential new products are available at the moment, though Mate Rimac promises “some truly extraordinary projects” are coming in the future.

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