McLaren could develop a hybrid version of the 650S supercar

McLaren could develop a hybrid version of the 650S supercar.

Speaking to Top Gear, Mark Vinnels, the company’s executive director for product development, commented the producer knows “quite a lot about hybrids” from what they've done with the P1. “The biggest challenge for us is to achieve something that delivers a genuine performance benefit”, he added. He also said "it would be foolish to say we're never going to do that (the hybrid 650S) in the future, because it's something we try and pursue as we strive to make more efficient cars."

Vinnels also disclosed more versions of the 570S will likely be introduced in the coming years. As previous rumors have suggested, in 2016 we will see a Long Tail variant, which will be followed a year later by the open-top model. When asked about a hardcore 570S, Vinnels commented “we're not sure yet whether we'll take this racing. We might. If we don't, somebody else will. So expect to see it on the track soon.”