In the US, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is available with a 77.4-kilowatt-hour battery, versus 72.6 kWh elsewhere. A new rumor from the South Korean site ET News says the brand is upgrading to a  77.5 kWh pack in that market. This could boost the range by over 10 percent.

The rumor indicates that Hyundai would increase the number of battery modules to 32 from the existing 30 to get the increased capacity. This would take the Ioniq 5's range in the South Korean market to 480 or 490 kilometers (298.3 or 304.5 miles) from the current 423 kilometers (268.2 miles) there, according to the rumor.

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Hyundai will also launch an over-the-air update for the Ioniq 5, according to this rumor. One of the biggest improvements will be to the vehicle-to-grip functionality. Starting next year, the Korea Electric Power Corporation will allow owners to feed electricity from the vehicle into the power grid.

The update will also reportedly make unspecified tweaks to the electric vehicle integrated control system, drive assist tech, suspension, and the airbags.

The Ioniq 5 will launch very soon in the US. All of them in this country will come with the 77.4 kWh battery pack, versus 58-kWh and 72.6-kWh layouts elsewhere. Customers will be able to select a single-motor, rear-drive version with 225 horsepower (168 kilowatts) and 258 pound-feet (350 Newton-meters) of torque. Also, a two-motor, all-wheel-drive variant will make 320 hp (239 kW) and 446 lb-ft (605 Nm).

Hyundai targets the rear-drive model having a range of 300 miles (483 kilometers). The all-wheel-drive SE and SEL variants cut the estimated distance to 269 miles (433 kilometers). The Limited AWD should go 244 miles (393 kilometers) on a charge.

Hyundai will initially sell the Ioniq 5 in only certain states: California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. It will be available nationwide in 2022.

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