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We cannot stress this enough. Do not go to your local gas station and try to replicate this video which is beyond dangerous. Although the driver is skilled and capable of completing this display doesn’t mean it was worth the risk. Sure drifting is fun, but it should be reserved for appropriate times and places and a gas station in the middle of the night isn’t one of them. Let's break down this video which was posted on the aptly named subreddit, IdoitsInCars.


There is no doubt that the driver of this Camaro has some serious car control skills. She easily handles the changing pavement with ease and even copes with a puddle of water while performing perfectly executed drifts. This display of car control which resulted in no damage is impressive, we just wish she picked a better venue.

Say what you want about the base V6 Camaro convertible, but in the right hands, it’s a true drift monster. Many feel the V6 Camaro convertible is reserved to be a rental car and is the least capable Camaro on the market. Regardless of its reputation, this video proves that in the correct hands the V6 Camaro is a beast capable of putting on a drift clinic with ease.

Now the risk-reward factor of this video is off the charts. The risk is hitting a gas pump which could cause a fuel spill and the risk of a massive fire. The reward, a fun video to post on the internet that incriminates you for dangerous driving. Based on this information it's clearly not worth it, but here we are. A driver with skills like this should enter an amateur drift event where her car control would help her win trophies in a safe environment.

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