A brand-new Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe is on its way where it will join the all-new SL roadster. Although both of these two doors are Mercedes-AMG exclusives, in a recent interview with Road and Track, Mercedes design chief Gorden Wagener, explained how both of these cars will co-exist. Based on Mercedes-AMG’s plans both the new SL and GT Coupe will share some components and the same platform, however, each car has a distinct mission that will keep them as unique products.

The new SL is now a Mercedes-AMG exclusive product alongside the highly successful Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe. This means that both cars will have some overlap in parts, but that’s where the differences end. The SL is meant to be a comfortable luxurious cruiser while the GT is a sporty track capable car. Wagener went on to explain to Road and Track that he is confident that both cars will live harmoniously and help give customers a more diverse model lineup to meet their needs.

The top of the line SL 63 will come standard with AMG Active Ride Control air suspension. This means that occupants will enjoy one of the most comfortable suspension systems on the road today. This sublime ride won’t be a wobbly mess either thanks to the inclusion of hydraulic anti-roll stabilization which takes the place of normally fixed anti-roll bars to keep the SL flat in corners, but comfortable and stable as well.

We expect the upcoming GT coupe to pick up where the current car left off as one of the most potent cars on the road. This direct competitor to the Porsche 911 will do battle on the Nürburgring and at local track days, while the SL will comfortably cruise to your favorite vacation spot. If you’re in the market for a coupe, you can’t go wrong at Mercedes-AMG.

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