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Honda isn't wasting time to introduce the next generation of the Civic Type R. It was officially teased earlier this month, which came with an announcement that the Japanese automaker is starting its Nurburgring training with the hot hatch. Since then, we've already seen the red-badged Honda Civic in spy photos and this latest video from CarSpyMedia caught the 11th-generation Type R in action.

Curiously, there were two prototypes spotted during its Nurburgring sessions; one was wearing the official red camouflage, while the other comes in the usual white camo wraps. One thing's common between the two test vehicles, though – they both sound lean and mean.

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Just like the regular all-new Honda Civic, the 2023 Civic Type R has adopted a tamer styling as compared to the outgoing model. However, it wears a larger lower intake up front, while the fenders are visibly wider. The vents are still present all over but we're hoping that they will be real ones this time.

At the rear, you can't miss the rear wing that's positioned higher on the tailgate and comes with a flat form. The central triple exhausts are carried over in the next-generation model, but the middle one is visibly larger than the others.

The recently-revealed Honda Civic Si comes with a manual gearbox, so it's safe to say that the Type R will get a stick shift as well. However, no other details about the powertrain have been confirmed at this point. We can expect more power this time around, with wild rumors of a 400-hp hybrid powertrain circulating around. However, an updated version of the turbocharged 2.0-liter is a more likely scenario.

We can expect the all-new Honda Civic Type R to be revealed in full next year for the 2023 model year.

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