The Maybach 57 S Coupe has been resurrected by Austria coachbuilder DC Dream Cars and two cars are up for grabs on

Daimler brought back the "Maybach" moniker last year by launching the Mercedes-Maybach division, but those who are fans of the old Maybach 57 can now have it once again in a sleek coupe configuration. Xenatec went out of business so DC Dream Cars from Viena decided to fill the gap by launching their own 57 S Coupe.

The car is powered by a V12 6.0-liter engine which delivers 630 HP (471 kW) in the standard configuration, but the Austrian coachbuilder is willing to squeeze more power at an additional cost. Delivery time stands at three months, but if you don’t want to wait that long there's a white Maybach 57 S Coupe built in 2015 and listed on for a cool €1 million. Moreover, there is also a black example based on a 2007 model which has been driven for 48,000 km (29,825 miles) and costs €590,000.

DC Dream Cars says additional cars will be available in approximately three months.

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