Here are latest pictures showing another prototype of Audi’s all new future luxury A5 Coupe.  This time the typical black and white layer of disguise is missing on the test car, and a lot more can be seen of the new model’s final styling.

The A 5 – codenamed AU 474/475  is a sporty 2 + 2 seater coupe-convertible adapting the design of Audi’s concept car, Nuvolari, which was on display at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2003.

The coupe appears to be considerably larger than the current A4, almost the size of today’s A6.  It is estimated to measure 4.7m in overall length.  With this Audi is going to be a large step ahead of the strong A4 competitors such as BMW 3-series Cabrio, Mercedes CLK and the VW-Convertible Eos.

Due to the A5’s bigger size, Audi is indeed about to fill a gap on the sporty CC-market.   Neither the BMW 5-series model range nor the Mercedes E Class range nor any other car maker in this class and size has a luxury coupe-convertible to offer. The convertible version is going to get a traditional canvas top.

Power will come from a large choice of Audi engines.  Talk is of various four cylinder fuel engines delivering between 170 and 220 HP, a V6 3.2 litre 255 HP, and a 350 HP V8.  As for the Diesel, engines shall be 160 HP four cylinder and two six cylinder TDIs delivering 170 and 250 HP.

The new A 5 Coupe is expected to be released in mid to end 2007, while the convertible will not be due for another year’s time afterwards.

SPY PHOTOS: Audi A5 Coupe Latest Photos