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Are you bored with camper vans wearing a single shade of white or black? This van embraces wood, and we're not talking about a fake wood wrap. That's real cedar on the sides, and looking through the portholes you'll see more wood inside. Wait, did we say portholes? Friends, meet the nautical-themed Landship camper. And yes, it's for sale.

This clever camper van is the brainchild of Shane and Nick, two guys who combined professional-grade carpentry and years of #vanlife into this all-inclusive build. The foundation is a Ford Transit 350 all-wheel drive with the shorter 148-inch wheelbase. That makes it compact and maneuverable, but it has all the amenities of larger campers including a full kitchen, sleeping accommodations for four people, gobs of storage, plenty of electricity, and even a full bathroom with a stand-up shower in the most unlikely place you'd expect. More on that in a bit.

Gallery: Landship Ford Transit Boat-Inspired Custom Camper

Aside from the wood trim and porthole windows, the large solar panel garners attention from the outside. It's capable of generating 750 watts, but the panel can tilt up to 90 degrees to better capture energy from the sun. This can double the effectiveness of the panel, and it can all be monitored in real-time on controls inside the van. Beneath the panel is a large storage area that can also be used as a rooftop terrace for relaxing.

What really sets the Landship apart from other vans is the interior. The nautical theme is everywhere, and the wood craftsmanship looks amazing. The kitchen includes a refrigerator with an induction stove and a copper sink. A removable walnut table on a swivel arm mounts in the L-shaped living space, where it's used for dining and as a workstation. That space also converts to a bunk-bed setup, with the upper section stretching out to a queen-size bed and the lower section converting to a full bed. At the very back of the van is a modest garage space, and there's an external shower as well.

Ford Transit Camper With Boat Theme Interior

What about the internal shower? You'll actually find that towards the front at the side entrance. The wood floor seamlessly transitions from walnut to a waterproof teak that's angled to funnel water into the drain. The shower is mounted in the ceiling, along with the shower curtain rod that creates a water-tight space. It can also create a small room for the composting toilet located in the area. The van carries 32 gallons of fresh water, but the shower system is set up with a nifty recycling system using filters and UV light. With the system engaged, you can take a continuous shower using just 4.5 gallons.

The Landship is four-season ready with heat, air conditioning, and thermal curtains. A 24-volt 300Ah lithium battery can be fed by the solar panel, the van's engine, or shore power so there are plenty of charging options. This, combined with the unique nautical theme, certainly makes it one of the more interesting and impressive camper van builds we've seen. It's selling for $190,000, which admittedly can get you larger campers. But we don't suspect you'll ever see a van quite like this.

Check out the for-sale listing at Vanlife Trader.

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