Friends, Halloween is just around the corner and that means one thing. It's time for candy. And costumes. And spooky movies. And zombies. Okay, that's several things but as far as Hyundai is concerned, there's only one occasion that truly scares driving enthusiasts. We'll get to that in a bit, because what's a Halloween video without some suspense?

The stars of this short horror flic are a woman and her Hyundai Elantra N. It starts off with a major Paranormal Activity vibe, showing security camera footage of a woman getting out of bed. It's 10:31 pm, and her phone vibrates with a text. There's a late-night track or treat Halloween cruise about to happen, and she needs to find her car key. But alas, there's no power in the dark house. Good thing her cell phone has a built-in flashlight.

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Prowling through the dark rooms, she grabs a sweater that reveals a creepy doll underneath. Look closely and you'll see a bloody smile spread across its lips, but that doesn't faze our automotive heroine. Moving to the stairwell there's another doll, this one decapitated and hanging from the ceiling. Perhaps it's a weird holiday decoration? She's not bothered by this, either. Nor is she concerned about the Mike Myers-looking serial killer standing behind a curtain as she opens it. She brushes him aside as if to say get out of the way, dude. I'm late for the cruise.

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Finally she finds the key, laying atop an open book in the kitchen but she's not out of the house yet. In the living room there's a ghostly feminine spirit in a rocking chair, holding a mangled doll as if it were her dead child. We know they're spirits because the woman sees them, but the security camera doesn't. That's still of no concern – she has the key to her Elantra N and the door is right there.

Sports sedan heaven awaits and the camera cuts to her approaching the car.  An innocent cat passes in front as she opens the door. The outside lights are on. She sits behind the wheel and starts the car. All is well. And then it happens.

With the engine idling, she looks at the digital cluster and starts to shake. Then comes a series of whimpers, culminating in a blood-curdling scream. This can't be real. But it is. It's very real. There will be no Halloween drive. The car ... it's out of fuel. Nooooooo!

Well played, Hyundai. And happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe out there this weekend.

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