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Automakers love giving their SUVs sloping coupe-like roofs that compromise a bit of utility for a dash of style, but actual three-door variants are a tad rarer today. Ford has the Bronco, Jeep has the Wrangler, and Land Rover has the Defender 90, though LR almost offered another two-door model – the Range Rover SV Coupe. It never happened, with the brand redirecting the model’s funds toward designing the next-generation Range Rover.

But a new rendering from X-Tomi Design imagines a world where those redirected funds also spawned a next-generation Range Rover SV Coupe. With the new 2022 Range Rover finally revealed, we now know what a next-gen two-door Range Rover could look like – and it’s not a far departure from the one-off SV Coupe presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

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The rendering gives the two-door the model’s latest design touches, with its familiar, though radically redesigned front end and its bumper-spanning horizontal lower grille. It all looks more futuristic – and eager for an all-electric powertrain. The side is the most different, with the rear doors removed and the wheelbase shortened a tad to create better proportions. The sublime green with the black trim – roof, grille, and fender accent – is a gorgeous contrast. However, even for as nice as it looks, a two-door Range Rover is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

A two- or three-door (depending on how you count) Range Rover isn’t unprecedented, though they have fallen in popularity. The first-generation Evoque offered a version with just two doors, though it didn’t survive through to the model’s second generation. Those who want their own three-door Range Rover could look to the aftermarket. Coupe-like crossovers and SUVs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, even as electric cars blend once distinct body styles into an amalgamation. However, true three-door SUVs will always be more uncommon.

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