One of the greatest performance cars and motorsport legends in history will return in a very limited production run. The Ford Sierra RS500 will be resurrected by British firm CNC Motorsport AWS in cooperation with Touring Car driver and builder Andy Rouse. Yay!

The company will assemble just three copies based on original Sierra bodyshells. The first example scheduled to be completed by early next year will even be made using a brand new race car shell, which has been sitting unused since the 1980s. The plan is for all three cars to receive the required documents for historic motorsport events and races. The machines will be produced to Andy Rouse Engineering specification as Group A race cars using original drawings and data.

Gallery: Ford Sierra RS500 continuation car

Even more impressively, each unit will be powered by a freshly-built Sierra RS500 engine made with input from the original engine builder Vic Drake, who has already produced more than 100 RS500 engines. The 575-horsepower (423-kilowatt) motor will be mated to a five-speed Getrag manual gearbox and a viscous differential. All three continuation cars will feature the correct gauges and will be finished in plain white with painted liveries available as options.

Nearly every component of the revived Sierra RS500 will be built to the exact specification provided by Andy Rouse. This includes the front suspension uprights, rear arms, fuel tank enclosure, heated windscreen, and even the side-exit exhaust. Rouse himself will provide the steel roll cage.

“The RS500 was lots of fun and of all the cars I raced, the Kaliber RS500 is the one I wish I still had today,” Andy Rouse says. “When Alan told me he had acquired a brand new bodyshell, we came up with the idea to build correct continuation cars just as we did in our Binley workshop. Having seen Alan develop his own engineering business, he was the only person I trusted to build cars that would carry the ARE build plate.”

Each car produced will be priced at £185,000 ($254,330 at the current exchange rates) before package and livery options.

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