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At long last, we are about to witness the world premiere of an all-new SL. No longer a Benz, the roadster is going to be sold exclusively as an AMG model and will indirectly replace the GT Roadster as Mercedes is cutting down on the number of convertibles. With the body style significantly dropping in popularity, Merc has phased out the SLC and S-Class Convertible and is rumored to merge the C-Class and E-Class cabrios (and coupes) into the CLE.

If there's one Mercedes model with a folding roof that needs to stay in the company's lineup, it's certainly the SL. Few other cars in the three-pointed star's portfolio have the heritage of the Sport Leicht, with the German luxury brand going as far as to say it's a veritable icon. Developed by AMG, the revamped 2+2 sports car is finally ready for prime time.


Developed from the ground up with no parts borrowed from the old SL or the AMG GT Roadster, the BMW 8 Series Convertible rival has been a long time coming seeing as how the outgoing R231-generation model was unveiled a decade ago. A final teaser shared on social media confirms the all-new model will be offered with a V8 engine and the 4Matic+ all-wheel-drive system. The subtle detail here is the "+" meaning it's the more sophisticated AWD with fully variable torque distribution on the front and rear axles.

The brief moments showing the car's interior are redundant considering AMG fully revealed the SL's cabin back in July with its 11.9-inch touchscreen infotainment that tilts forward to provide the driver with a better view. It also boasts a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster complemented by a head-up display featuring augmented reality tech.

We will have all the details and images shortly as the livestream is scheduled to start at 10 AM EDT / 2 PM GMT. 

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