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The 2021 SEMA Show is nearly upon us. The action kicks off next week in Las Vegas, and there's a brand new Honda Civic Si that's just begging for custom parts. Honda is leading the charge on that front by unveiling a new Si prototype race car developed in-house by HPD.

With several modified Civic Si's on display, the latest hot hatch is certainly the darling of the show. That's not to say Honda is ignoring other enthusiasts, however. Overlanding vehicles are on the docket, and for fans of classic Hondas, there's a sweet '90s Accord race wagon that hides a Type R secret.

Here's a quick rundown of what you'll find in Honda's garage at the 2021 SEMA Show. You can find a full photo gallery with additional images at the end of the article.

HPD Civic Si Race Car Prototype

Honda HPD Civic Si Race Car Prototype SEMA 2021

Arguably the biggest news from SEMA is the new Si prototype race car. Starting with a body in white, Honda Performance Development adds all the safety equipment such as cages and fire suppression necessary for a turn-key race car. It has an adjustable suspension setup with Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers, six-piston brakes, and the engine gains an ECU tune, among other things. The prototype previews the track-only racing Si that will eventually be available for race teams.

Team Honda Research West Civic Si Race Car

Team Honda Research West Civic Si Race Car SEMA 2021

HPD isn't the only outfit looking to race the new Civic Si. Team Honda Research adds a plethora of powertrain upgrades including an intake, downpipe, a tune for the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, and extra cooling capacity for both coolant and oil. The result is 220 horsepower (164 kilowatts), and it puts the power to the ground through a heavily modified suspension system. Whereas the HPD Si is a prototype, this very car will race in NASA's 25 hours of Thunderhill in December.


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Team Liquid 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback

Team Liquid 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback SEMA 2021

Not everyone is keen to go racing in the new Si. Team Liquid adds a few aesthetic items from both HPD and Honda Genuine Accessories like front and rear spoilers, 18-inch wheels, and a roof rack with a Thule cargo carrier.

HPD 2022 Honda Civic Si

HPD 2022 Honda Civic Si SEMA 2021

HPD's non-racer Civic Si adds a bit of spice to the hot hatch, matching Team Liquid's offering with a similar set of spoilers and wheels. The black add-ons certainly pop with the Si-specific shade of orange for the exterior.

Fifteen52 Project 96 Accord Wagon / Type R Crate Engine

Honda Fifteen52 Project 96 Accord Wagon SEMA 2021

In a sea of new Civics, it's safe to say nobody expected to see a 1996 Honda Accord station wagon. This one is special for several reasons, not the least of which being a new Civic Type R crate engine hiding under the hood. The crate engine was previously available on a limited basis to racing teams, but now the high-power K20C1 is available to anybody. It's still labeled for off-highway use only, which is why this wagon is race-prepped with upgraded suspension, brakes, a roll cage, and that oh-so-sweet period-correct racing livery.

Passport TrailSport Rugged Roads Project 2.0

Honda Passport TrailSport Rugged Roads Project 2.0 SEMA 2021

Catering to the overlanding crowd is this rugged Passport. Mounted atop the roof rack is a Sparrow XL rooftop tent, and a modest suspension lift (1.5 inches in front, 0.75 in the rear) helps the SUV wander off the beaten path. Custom skid plates protect the undercarriage, and this Passport also wears a plethora of Honda accessories such as fender flares, lower door trim, a trailer hitch with a cargo tray, cargo side panel protectors, and black 18-inch wheels.

Ridgeline HPD Trail Tour Project Vehicle

Honda Ridgeline HPD Trail Tour Project Vehicle SEMA 2021

If overlanding in an SUV isn't your thing, HPD presents a Ridgeline pickup truck fitted with all kinds of adventure gear. Thule provides a bed-mounted rack with a tent as well as roof bars and a cargo basket that sits atop the cab. It's also equipped with an awning, a trailer hitch, and Honda adds skid plates, extra recovery points, and a small suspension lift.

The 2021 SEMA Show runs from November 2-5 in Las Vegas.

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