YouTube star Emelia Hartford is actively involved in the teaser campaign for the 2023 Corvette Z06 as we already saw her last week in a video of the convertible and its mighty 8,600 rpm redline. The owner of what used to be the world's fastest C8 is at it again, this time on her personal Instagram account where she posted a couple of short-but-sweet (sponsored) videos of the hot 'Vette.

Speaking of that impressively high RPM, one of the clips shows a camouflaged prototype of the Z06 in what appears to be an anechoic chamber. The Ferrari-esque soundtrack provided by the flat-plane crank V8 as it hits the dyno is music to our ears and a nice change of pace from an abundance of completely silent EVs.

According to Emelia, Chevy spent "countless hours perfecting the noise" of the high-revving V8 in the anechoic chamber and the end result is unlike any other road-going Corvette before it. Another clip shows the Z06 out in the open while the naturally aspirated engine hits its high redline, and boy, does it sound glorious.


Coming in both coupe and convertible flavors, the track-focused machine is rumored to use an adaptation of the powertrain installed in the C8.R race car. We're expecting a 5.5-liter unit with dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and roughly over 600 horsepower channeled to the road via a Tremec dual-clutch automatic gearbox with a magnesium case.

We've seen test vehicles with and without a rear wing, leading us to believe Chevy has been working on a couple of configurations for the Z06 in the same vein as Porsche has the 911 GT3 and GT3 Touring.


The Z06 will only be a temporary range topper in the Corvette hierarchy based on a report from earlier this year speculating the ZR1 and a plug-in hybrid are coming as early as 2023, followed by a fully electric derivative in 2024 and the flagship Zora in 2025.

Meanwhile, the Z06 debuts tomorrow, October 26, at 12 PM Eastern.

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