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It seems BBC has already started to tear down the Top Gear studio located in Dunsfold, Surrey.

Earlier this week we heard BBC saying they want to keep Top Gear alive after Jeremy Clarkson's forced departure, but that might not happen as photos taken by The Sun (source link below) show several boxes were brought to the studio in Dunsfold which according to a source close to BBC will soon be dismantled.

The process started on Tuesday - a day before the announcement - as several classic cars were extracted from the set while a giant banner with The Stig was taken down. In addition, the infamous "cool wall" was removed from the set as well.

In related news, assistant Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon has informed the police he won't press any charges against Jeremy Clarkson. His attorney, Paul Daniels, said that his client just wants to get back to his job and everyone should just move on as soon as possible. 

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