Today is not a good day for supercars. We covered a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider that recently flipped while cruising the Tail of the Dragon in the US, and now we have a Lamborghini Huracan skinny-dipping in a lake in Austria. Hey supercar drivers, can we get a little restraint behind the wheel?

Actually, this sunken Lamborghini report sounds like a legitimate accident as opposed to asshattery on public roads. The incident occurred on October 19 in the Austrian town of Mondsee, located in the northern region of the country on Lake Mondsee. That's significant since this Lambo apparently went into the lake after its driver made a tiny mistake. According to local police, the 31-year-old driver apparently confused the accelerator and brake pedals. Such a goof is never a good thing, but it's especially bad when you're next to a lake.


Local authorities report the driver had just dropped off a passenger in a lot next to the lake and was turning the car around when the mixup occurred. It launched into the lake, ultimately sinking upwards of 50 feet into the water. The driver reportedly escaped with minor injuries, which is certainly a good thing considering how fast vehicles can sink and how frightening the experience can be. It's not hard to get trapped inside as water pressure increases outside the car.

With the driver safe, attention turned to the car and it wasn't an easy recovery. Reports state that 31 men from both Mondsee and Innerschwand fire departments assisted in the operation. The team consisted of five divers, a recovery balloon, and a crane to ultimately pull the Lambo from the depths of the lake. The operation took three hours, and though we don't see any major damage, sitting in 50 feet of water is basically an automotive death sentence.

So please folks, don't push your supercar beyond your limits on a public road. And please remember which pedal does what. We say this for your safety and the safety of others, but also to help ensure we still have glorious exotic machines to behold amid a sea of cookie-cutter SUVs and crossovers.

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