We'll kick off this tale of supercar destruction with some friendly words. According to the Idiots on The Dragon Facebook post where this story originated, there were no injuries in this Ferrari crash. Also, we don't know the full extent of the circumstances behind the crash, so perhaps this isn't a case of a supercar driver exceeding skill levels on a public road. Yeah, probably not.

This crash didn't occur on just some random road, either. Driving enthusiasts the world over know about Tail of the Dragon, the twisting two-lane highway running through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Individuals and groups flock to the Dragon's 318 curves in just 11 miles, oftentimes exceeding the road's 30-mph speed limit. It's a tempting automotive playground for sure, and occasionally, some drivers go a bit too far.


That brings us back to this Ferrari, which sure looks like a 488 Pista Spider. The crash happened on a section of the Dragon called Gravity Cavity MM3, the location of an infamous hump in the road. The car was traveling south and allegedly hit this hump a bit too fast, according to The Drive. The driver lost control, striking the steep grassy cliff on the side of the road and flipping over. The car eventually came to rest in the opposite lane. Fortunately, there weren't vehicles traveling northbound at the time.

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It's possible the driver was with a group of other exotic cars on a rally. Pictures posted at the Idiots on the Dragon Facebook page and in the comments show the Ferrari with other supercars, including a very rare and valuable Porsche 918 Spyder. Presumably, this Ferrari will be a total loss as there isn't much left of the roof, not to mention the damage on the front clip where the car hit the cliff.

The state of the engine is also unknown, as there are reports it was still running when the car came to a rest. Generally speaking, running an internal combustion engine upsidedown is not a good thing, unless you happen to be in a P-51 Mustang.

Folks, the fall season in the northern hemisphere can be an absolutely gorgeous time for cruises. You know what's not gorgeous? Rolling your car during one of those cruises. Avoid the temptation to push the limits on public roads and just enjoy the view. Stay safe out there everyone.

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