Toyota has unveiled the new TNGA global vehicle platform

Toyota has unveiled the new TNGA global vehicle platform.

The Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) will “greatly improve core vehicle performance and product appeal” by using lighter and more compact components and lower center of gravity. Toyota expects approximately half of its vehicles sold worldwide in 2020 to feature the new architecture.

A range of new motors will be introduced for the TNGA, offering improved fuel efficiency of by approximately 25 percent and increased overall power output by more than 15 percent. The Japanese company also expects to improve the overall fuel efficiency of its hybrid vehicle systems by more than 15 percent. The TNGA system will also reduce the investments needed to produce new models.

Toyota will begin using its new platform with the launch of a midsize front-wheel-drive vehicle later this year, followed by specific new platforms for front-wheel-drive compact and large vehicles, as well as for rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

Further details can be found at the press release section below.

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