New Holden HSV W427 has been set loose at Australian and New Zealand dealers at AUD150k a pop.

HSV. You know what it stands for. Not just Holden Special Vehicles, but what it truly stands for, the stance behind the badge. Bravado is one. Value for money is another. Most importantly, it’s muscle. True Australian outback beef squeezed into a box on four wheels. In keeping with this macho image, HSV has finally put out the MY2008 W427 into dealerships, a lesson in what engineering steroids can do to a sweet, Ausie rules-loving bloke.

With that said, we can now cut through the grass and hit some serious manure. The W427 features 7.0-litres of muscle broth sourced from US sister brand Corvette, which allows for power to escape through the rear wheels in doses of 375kW at a time, depending on the engine speed of course. The limited slip diff ensures very little smoke is added to the show during enthusiastic (what other kind is there?) takeoff, from one green traffic light to the next. The high-strength 6-speed manual gearbox plays the starring role in all this, planting maximum torque of 640Nm.

Manic as it sounds, the W427 – of which only 427 will be made – is a serious dad’s car, funked up with all kinds of comfort sweet things to make the missus smile while scaring the kids at the back all the way to the village of Tyre Shred. A 6-CD/ MP3 player is in there, so is an overhead DVD unit for them little ones to help stop them shaking in their little boots. Bluetooth is optional, as is satellite navigation. The list is long and impressive. If you are lucky enough to live close to Australia and aren’t owning one of the 90 cars already allocated for 2008 at AD155,500 then get right on it. We expect quick sales.

Holden HSV W427 Finally Goes on Sale