Theophilus Chin has created a virtual successor for the classic Skoda Felicia convertible model, based on the recently introduced Superb.

Although it is hard to believe the Czech company has plans for such a model, the Malaysian artist has envisioned a two-door roofless vehicle with stylish design. The popularity of the convertible segment has decreased in recent years and it’s not a surprise there’s no major manufacturer to offer a convertible in the D segment.

A look at Skoda’s history shows the brand had an open-top model long before it was acquired by Volkswagen. The classic Felicia was launched in 1959 offering room for five passengers and a plastic roof. It was powered by a 1.1-liter engine, later replaced by a 1.2-liter in the Felicia Super model. In 2011 the company introduced a roadster version of the Fabia Super 2000 at the Wörthersee show.

Gallery: Skoda Superb Convertible rendered as a classic Felicia successor

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