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Maserati has a rich motorsports history, as with most automakers. To laud its racing roots, the Italian marque introduced two new limited edition models back in April, the F Tributo Special Edition.

Available on the Ghibli sedan and the Levante SUV, the F Tributo Special Edition aims to celebrate the brand's achievements in motorsports. The two vehicles come with exclusive paint colors and styling changes that will create their distinction from the rest of the Maserati lineup.

More importantly, the new special edition models are now available to order in the US and Canada.

Gallery: Maserati F Tributo Special Edition Models

Of course, what's Maserati racing without Juan Manual Fangio, who drove the 250F on January 17, 1954, as the automaker made its debut in Formula 1. The rest, as they say, is history and the F Tributo special edition aims to honor that. If it isn't obvious at this point, 'F' stands for Fangio while 'Tributo' means homage or tribute.

The Ghibli and Levante F Tributo models come in exclusive colors; Azzurro Tributo and Rosso Tributo. Red is, of course, the color of Italian motorsports and the very paintwork that Maserati race cars wore before. The vibrant blue, on the other hand, represents the colors of Maserati's home, the City of Modena.

Both special edition models also wear a hint of yellow on the brake calipers and wheels, which is another reference to Modena and Fangio's 250F. The Ghibli wears 21-inch Titano wheels in glossy black, while the Levante wears 21-inch black Anteo ones. Both cars also come with unique badging. Inside, the special Ghibli and Levante both come with black full-grain "Pieno Fiore" leather upholstery with red and yellow stitching all over.

For pricing, the Maserati website lists the Ghibli F Tributo at $98,890 and $101,390, depending on the dealership, while the Levante F Tributo sells for $106,590.

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