Smartphone connectivity is obviously important as part of the evolution of car technology. That's why more and more vehicle manufacturers try to offer the best for their customers – some even went as far as offering the seamless service via subscription, which was kind of absurd.

As for Infiniti, wireless Apple CarPlay is the current offering, which you can get on the all-new QX55 or a brand-new QX80 that came out this year. For older models, however, the Japanese car company has an attractive offer for a limited time only.

Gallery: Infiniti Free Wireless Apple CarPlay Update

Infiniti has announced that most of its model-year 2020 and newer cars are eligible to upgrade to wireless Apple CarPlay "with no strings attached." The free upgrade, which can be completed via a software update based on the images provided by the automaker, can be completed at Infiniti retailers in the US.

Of note, almost all 2020 and 2021 cars are covered, which include Q50 sports sedan, Q60 sports coupe, QX50 midsize crossover, and QX80 full-size luxury SUV. The wireless Apple CarPlay will also be available on the announced 2022 Q50 and Q60.

As for the QX60, Nissan's luxury car brand said that it will arrive with the all-new model, which will start at $46,850 and are now available for reservation.

Of course, the defunct Q30, QX30, and QX70 aren't included in the list. All three models haven't returned to the Infiniti lineup since the previous decade.

"More than 80 percent of luxury vehicle owners use Apple products, and now these Infiniti owners can go wireless while using CarPlay in their vehicle," said Jeff Pope, group vice president, Infiniti Americas.

Infiniti said that the free wireless Apple CarPlay upgrade for the mentioned nameplates is available until March 31, 2022. If you're interested, we suggest that you contact your dealer if to schedule an appointment.

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